If you are interested in being a contestant in Miss Akron Canton or Miss Akron Canton's Outstanding Teen 2019 on Saturday October 27, 2018 at the Cultural Center for the Arts in Canton, please fill out the registration form below. Registration deadline is September 1st.

For more information on eligibility qualifications, requirements, and areas of competition please scroll through this page.



How can I qualify to compete?

Females ages 17-25 (no older than 25 on December 31, 2019)

· Live in Stark, Summit, Carroll, or Portage county – currently living in these counties or permanent residence (i.e. parents’ home) in these counties


· Go to school in Stark, Summit, Carroll, or Portage county


· Work full-time in Stark, Summit, Carroll, or Portage county

 What are the areas of competition?

· Talent – a 90 second on-stage performance; talents may include (but not limited to): singing, dancing, musical instruments, dramatic monologues, baton, etc.

· Private Interview – a 10 minute interview with a panel of 5-7 judges; contestants submit a resume and platform statement; questions typically relate to contestant’s resume, platform, current events, and social issues

· Evening Gown – contestants' choice of gown, cocktail dress or pant suit

· Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit – contestants' choice of swimsuit

· On-Stage Question – contestants are asked 1-2 questions related to their platform and/or current events or social issues

 What do I need to do to compete?

1. Sign up! Fill out the application above.

2. Decide on a platform – a charity, organization, cause, or issue that you support; dedicate time and effort to building your platform – volunteer, fundraise, network, learn more about the topic, etc.

3. Decide on your talent – choose a song/title to submit on your paperwork

4. Fill out all application paperwork – use templates provided to create your contestant resume, platform statement, talent introduction, etc. and submit to the Contestant Coordinator

5. Attend forum (late summer 2018) – learn more about all areas of competition, meet the Miss Akron Canton team, meet fellow contestants

6. Fundraise $100 for Children’s Miracle Network

7. Develop and rehearse your talent

8. Read/watch/listen to the news and prepare for interview

9. Select your wardrobe: interview attire, talent costume, evening gown, swim suit

10. Show up on October 27, 2018 ready to have fun!

 Why should I participate?

· SCHOLARSHIPS! You don’t have to win to win a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to Miss Akron Canton, her runners-up, talent winner, and interview winner

· A chance to compete at Miss Ohio – Miss Akron Canton is a preliminary to Miss Ohio, which is a preliminary to Miss America

· Meet new people – women who compete are well-rounded and motivated, many friendships are made through participation in the Miss America Organization

· Develop important skills – interview, public speaking, stage presence, resume writing – these are all skills that are fostered through participation in the program



· Teenage Girls age 13-17, who have not yet graduated from high school and will not turn 18 before July 31st of 2019

· Must live or go to school in Stark, Summit, Portage, or Carroll  county


· Private Interview: 6 minute private interview with judges

· Talent: 90 second performance

· On-stage Question and Evening Wear

· Lifestyle and Fitness: choreographed fitness routine


· Scholarships – you don’t need to win to win a scholarship, all scholarship money is held until you enroll in a college or university program and is applied directly to educational expenses

· New Skills – develop interview skills, stage presence, physical fitness, community service involvement and other valuable skills

· New People – meet teens who share similar interests, many long-lasting friendships are developed through participation in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen program

· A Chance to Compete at Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen – Miss Akron Canton’s Outstanding Teen is a preliminary to Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen, which is a preliminary to Miss America’s Outstanding Teen; entry fee to state competition is paid by Miss Akron Canton’s Outstanding Teen Program


· Sign up! Apply above.

· Complete provided paperwork and submit to Contestant Coordinator with your $100 entry fee. **Entry fees are a fundraiser for the Miss Akron Canton Scholarship Program**

· Attend forum (late summer 2018) – learn more about all areas of competition, meet the Miss Akron Canton team, ask any questions you or your parents may have

· Develop your platform: an organization, cause, or issue that you support – begin learning about your platform topic, volunteering, fundraising, advocating, etc.

· Choose a talent: a 90 second performance – common talents include: vocals, dance, instrumental, monologues, etc.; submit your music to Contestant Coordinator

· Watch/listen/read the news, prepare for interview

· Choose your wardrobe: interview outfit, talent costume, evening wear, and fitness attire

· Come to the pageant on October 27, 2018 ready to have fun!